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Business Writing Course


Ten questions to ensure you get a high-quality translation

(First published on BizCommunity – 25 MAR 2014)

You've been tasked to have a text translated into a language you don't understand a word of. You need a translation that is clear, accurate and stylistically proper, and you want to make sure you avoid any possible pitfalls in the appointment process. So, you kickstart Google and...

The alluring realm of machine translation


Agency heroes and omniscient colleagues: Report-back on lbls's workshop for translators

We're happy to report good attendance of the workshop for translators hosted by lbls on 26 October – and judging from the lively participation and the battery of good ideas that came out of it, everyone had a real good time! 

Once everyone had been safely guided to the venue (kindly made available to us by the Bethel Family Centre), some muffins and rusks were washed down with a mug or two of coffee and we were ready to go. 
The workshop kicked off with the following quote by veteran translator Lanna Castellano, about the translator’s career path:
A million thanks to you for an informative and eye-opening workshop. We appreciate all your efforts and kindness. You are indeed different and we love you already. Wish you all the best!
“Our profession is based on knowledge and experience. It has the longest apprenticeship of any profession. Not until thirty do you start to be useful as a translator, not until fifty do you start to be in your prime."
This was much appreciated by all, especially since many attendees could congratulate themselves on being in their prime, then!