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Government bans Latin abbreviations on its websites to avoid confusion

I Don’t Understand What Anyone Is Saying Anymore

Don't rely on Google Translate – invest in language to grow your business

Interesting article for those who edit student theses etc., or academic articles and the like

Why interpreting made the headlines for the wrong reasons – first at Mandela memorial, then in Oscar Pistorius case

Translation of legislation-related text – how to access laws of South Africa

File lawsofsouthafricahistoricalversionsofanact-140328093446-phpapp02-2.docx

Numbers activity

PDF icon Numbers exercise.pdf

Answer to activity in entry 11 of plain business writing course

PDF icon Answer to activity in entry 11 of business writing course.pdf

SA Language Practitioners Council Bill (b14-2013)

PDF icon SA_Language_Practitioners_Council_Bill(b14-2013) (1).pdf

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