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Founder, Linda (former manager of language services at auditing firm PwC) starts a general language services business. Services range from translation, transcription and editing to business writing training. Clients include PwC, Business Connexion, Absa and educational publisher Macmillan.

2000s onwards

The company branches out into writing, editing, translating, typesetting and proofreading material for SA educational publishers taking part in CAPS submissions through all the grades. During this time, lasting relationships are built with a pool of top educational developers and translators in all the official SA languages. Projects, small and large (sometimes running into R1 million plus), include managing the entire process from commissioning authors, editors, artists and typesetters to carrying out all phases up to printing.


Love what you do.

Serve in a caring manner.

Keep it simple.

years’ experience in translation, editing, copywriting and overall project management brought by Linda

highly qualified, experienced and carefully screened translators, editors and awardwinning copywriters


service providers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds

projects of various sizes successfully completed over the past three years

In-house staffers

Linda Botha

Linda Botha


“… I’ve recently rediscovered a passion for music and now play the piano and guitar once again, and I also took up the cello – much to my poor cat’s dismay. I think it’s those screeching sounds when I hit the high notes …”

While heading the translation division at auditing firm PwC, Linda developed ‘plain language’ business writing courses in both English and Afrikaans. This gave her an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of both languages and a valuable perspective of writing and, by extension, translation and transcription fundamentals as they apply in the business world. She has been running her own language services business since 1996. She is also a published author of educational material and has acted as freelance publisher for various publishers.

Linda lives on a smallholding with four dogs, two cats and flocks of wild birds who come visit a number of feeding stations. Oh, and the odd night adder – which there is not a feeding station for.



Project Manager

“… music and the preservation and promotion of SA’s languages are my passions in life …”

Khathutshelo holds a Baccalaureus Technologiae in Language Practice from Tshwane University of Technology, TEFL from TEFL Professional Development Institute, Client Centricity from University of Pretoria and Fundamentals of Project Management from Philanthropy University. He has worked as a translator for many years, and did a stint as administrative coordinator at the Enterprises division of the University of Pretoria, where he worked closely with the communication team to develop English brochures for short courses as well as ‘plain language’ business development letters for potential clients.
Since joining lbls as a project manager, he has proven his ability to work independently, manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines, all to the highest quality standards. He is passionate about languages and his job!

Khathutshelo is also the director of Grain’s Entertainment Studios and during his spare time, he assists young artists and poets to record their own music. Personally, he plays the guitar and composes RnB and soul music instrumentals.



Account Manager

“… words and music, and being out in nature with my dogs – that’s what I’m about …”

Craig, former Professor of English who took early retirement as Head of the English Department at the University of Johannesburg, has authored and edited numerous books, articles and reviews, and acted as editor or editorial associate on many more. He also acts as literary consultant for publishing houses, and he is well versed in plain-language English writing and editing – in which he provided corporate training in the past.

Passionate about language, Craig was awarded English and Art prizes in his matriculation year and went on to earn distinctions in both English and Philosophy during his later studies. He is also a keen musician who composes and performs his own work, with his favourite instruments being the guitar and piano.



Project Manager

“… Apart from being a people person, I’m all about writing and reading, and delving into my town’s history …”

Elbé holds a BA Honours degree in communications and journalism from North-West University and a Masters in journalism from Stellenbosch University. She has worked as a journalist for various community newspapers for a number of years and freelances for various publications and websites. Her love of languages and people have led to her most recent endeavour, managing large-scale online transcription projects for lbls, related to the digitisation of languages. She has become an expert in training transcribers through online training sessions and WhatsApp support, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. Elbé takes personal pride in delivering transcriptions that have been quality-assured inhouse, and is known for her good relations with both clients and her team of transcribers.

Elbé is from the small Karoo town of Nieu-Bethesda and is passionate about the rich history of the area. She has written an overview of Helen Martins’ Owl House, which is available from any of the bookshops in the village. Apart from writing, her biggest love is reading and she is still the proud owner of a local library card and can’t resist a second-hand bookstore.



Project Manager

“… giving more than is required to any task I undertake – whether private or work-related – is what makes me tick …”

Morgaine is currently a Senior Project Manager at lbls, with more 10 years’ experience in the language, translation and transcription industry. She takes on each new project with gusto and views it as a unique opportunity to go beyond the basic brief. She always aims to add value by delivering more than what is expected of her – using her initiative and thirst for knowledge. A stickler for attention to detail, she always strives to deliver a perfect, polished product. She knows the importance of business ethics, professional conduct and, especially, never missing a client’s deadline. Her curious mind means that she loves doing research on anything she finds interesting.

Morgaine is fascinated by history, is an avid reader, loves gaming, and is passionate about nature and animals. Her cat, Khalisi, is the apple of her eye!

lbls offers a wide range of language-related services, including translation; interpreting;
transcription; editing; proofreading; copywriting; graphic design (including document layout,
branding and typesetting); and printing.

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